Full group retrospective

The blog team is using Bret as customer. RubLog is a combination of a CGI, a template, a document repository, and a URL that returns one HTML output. They’ve created a harness that copies the files for one blog (from multiple ones) to the places, then visits the URLs and detects chages. They prevent date/time […]

Day 2 Group Retrospective

We split up into 3 sets of pairs (actually 2 pairs and a triple) to focus on three tasks: An acceptance testing framework (using the DOM) Conversion of data from word doc into usable stuff Developing an initial page that displays the case information After spending the time to do the development, here’s where we […]

Test Ideas (Day 2 Iteration)

Beginning day 2, we decided to go with the cgi approach because it already handles POST requests. Since we’ll have 140 tests, the GET method of form submittal will quickly be unwieldy. We then delayed acceptance testing strategies until noon. Then, we began brainstorming test ideas (the next story we’ll be implementing): Click a test […]

Day #1 Wrap Up

First, I want to apologize for the last AF post (not the RSS feed one — the one before that). It’s chaotic and disjointed. Maybe I’ll edit it, though I think I have enough to do staying on top of the current stuff. The conversation that I was blogging was the hardest part of the […]

Group discussion

Did some stories, did some code mining, did a feature walkthrough (so they know where they’re going). Talked about what scenario testing is and what the role of testing is on projects. They’ve already found a big stack of bugs in the existing code. Synopsis of their discussion of scenario testing: Got through the demo […]

Iteration #1

This afternoon was spent doing iteration 1. Our initial task list was: Get people up to speed on RubyFIT Determine how to run FIT from within Eclipse Perform a spike to determine feasibility of using the cgi library (through Apache) Perform a spike to determine feasibility of using a basic built-in Ruby server Determine how […]


We talked about how we were going to estimate the various stories. We decided to do estimates in stream half-days (one or two people (since there’s 7 of us – Bill, Brian, Lisa, Chris, Mike H., BC, and myself). Working down the stories in the last post, we came up with the following estimates. One […]

Stories for the Veterinary project

I’m working on the veterinary project. Brian has talked to a person he knows who is involved in giving this test, and talked about what they’re looking for in this application. We then talked about the user stories we could pull out of the description Brian gave us. Here’s the stories we’ve come up with […]

Plan for week

For the week, we’re going to split into two groups. One will work on extending RubLog, a Ruby blogging tool. The other group is going to work on updating/creating a computerized test for veterinary medicine. As part of the exam process for veterinarians, they’re given a test where they are given a case, have a […]

Goals of Agile Fusion

After dinner, we began the process with introducing ourselves and discussing our goals for the next week. There’s a very good mix of programmers and testers here, and I’m even more excited about this week than I was before getting here (assuming that’s possible). Here’s the notes from the goals session (in the extended entry […]