Experiential Learning (TestRetreat 2013)

I’m at TestRetreat today in Madison, WI. A bunch of smart people here (some of whom I’ve met before, some I’ve known through online interactions, and some I’m having the pleasure of meeting for this first time this weekend) and as one does (at least if one is me), I’ve been making mindmaps on the fly of the sessions I’ve been in. The first one was facilitated by Jesse Alford. We talked about experiential learning and how we might apply that to learning about software testing. Our discussion was far ranging – we talked about what experiential learning is, had some activities shared and talked about things to keep in mind.

Here’s the raw mindmap that I created from our discussion:


I’ve got a PDF of it as well, but my iPad doesn’t seem to have a way to get it to this WordPress client. If you’d rather see that, leave a comment and I’ll find a way to add it or send it.

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