Mind mapping the Selenium Conference 2011

In a tweet she made from the Selenium Conference, Marlena Compton stated that I had mind mapped all my notes from the conference. She asked for a picture at the time, which I gave by taking a screen shot on my iPad. I didn’t have the full map shown, so she only got a portion of it. I subsequently realized that the very awesome iThoughtsHD app can export the entire map into the photo library which let’s me post them from here.

These maps haven’t been altered from the conference. They reflect places where my attention wavered, and things that grabbed my attention. The times when it wavered often weren’t the fault of the presenter – there was so much information flying around that there was no way to absorb it all at once. Several of the talks were intense enough that I knew I’d have to come back and watch the videos to really get what the presenter was trying to say.

Without further ado, here are the two maps, covering the full three days:

Edit: I’m quickly running into some limitations of using a wordpress.com blog, it seems. Might need to move this over to a host somewhere at some point. Anyhow, clicking on the images above takes you to Flickr where the images are stored. Even going to the original size, the text is hard to read. Steve Hebert asked if I’d consider sharing the original iThoughts files as well. So, here they are:

Day 1/2: iThoughts | PDF
Day 3: iThoughts | PDF

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