And so it (temporarily) ends

This is the last post I’ll be making from Front Royal. Those who may have gotten used to multiple posts a day will find themselves sadly disappointed in the upcoming months. There’ll be no posts for the next few days (I’ll be without net access as I drive back home then spend the weekend with my wife and in-laws). I’m planning to think about this week as I drive, and I’ll use a voice recorder to keep my thoughts. There’ll be more posts on the topics from this week coming as I digest and think about all the subjects we’ve covered. I expect other people may be writing about this, and I’ll provide pointers to that writing as I hear about it. I also want to pull together a post about my experiences specifically in blogging the event live. I learned some things, there’s some things I probably will do differently next time, but that’s another topic for next week sometime.

It’s been a good week. I’d like to thank Lenore and James Bach for being such wonderful hosts and all the people who have participated (either directly, through comments posted here, and even just reading these posts and thinking about the subjects) in this workshop experience.

4 comments on “And so it (temporarily) ends

  1. Thanks for covering this whole thing. I was really disappointed when I found out I couldn’t join you all, and it was great to be able to keep up with what was happening.

  2. Thanks Andy for the verbal feed. Given the time zone differences between Australia and Front Royal (its 10am on Fri 20th here now), all the activity happened in the night time here, so I only saw some out of hours activity on the video feed, and the audio was trashed in the trans pacific cable. So thanks again for your efforts. Now get back to that thesis! 😉

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