Test Ideas (Day 2 Iteration)

Beginning day 2, we decided to go with the cgi approach because it already handles POST requests. Since we’ll have 140 tests, the GET method of form submittal will quickly be unwieldy. We then delayed acceptance testing strategies until noon.

Then, we began brainstorming test ideas (the next story we’ll be implementing):

  • Click a test and see results
  • Submit with no tests selected
  • Choose all tests
  • choose tests, submit, choose tests, submit
  • malformed requests — customer trust
  • > 1 user
  • browser compatibility

    Test 1 for QA2:
    start url
    expect main page
    expect main page
    click test 5
    expect same main page
    diagnostic info for 5
    click 1, 93
    expect same main page
    diagnostic info exactly 1, 93