Plan for week

For the week, we’re going to split into two groups. One will work on extending RubLog, a Ruby blogging tool. The other group is going to work on updating/creating a computerized test for veterinary medicine. As part of the exam process for veterinarians, they’re given a test where they are given a case, have a chance to perform tests and at the end have to give their diagnosis(es — is that the plural?). Bill and Mike F. will be serving as XP coaches — Mike for the RubLog project and Bill for the veterinary tests. We’ll be working from 9-3 on programming and then spending the afternoon discussing the morning. The evenings are for breakout sessions, with the goal being that there is enough going on each evening that people are torn.

Those interested in taking a peek at the proceedings may want to point their browsers at the web cam image The image is a video/audio feed from the Satisfice lab. If bandwidth becomes an issue, we may unplug it, but until then, you can get a peek at how things are going there.