Geeks vs. non-geeks

I found the following quote from Ed Felten the other day on arstechnica (originally from this interview on SlashDot).

The underlying problem, I think, is that geeks think about technology in a different way than non-geeks do. The differences have sunk deeply into the basic worldviews of the two communities, so that their consequences seem to be a matter of common sense to each group. This is why it often looks to each group as if members of the other group are idiots.

This got me to thinking about testers and developers and the oft-expressed sentiments of tension between the two groups. I want to think about what the worldviews of the two groups are and what the differing views of technology (and what just technology means in this context — tools? languages? something completely different?). I think some of this might be quite helpful at a gathering I’m going to this June…