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Posts about the actual act of developing software. Most of the time, this will be posts about actually coding, but at times, this category will include posts about the entire process of software development as well.

Feast or Famine: why the posts are flowing now….

I’m pondering why it seems so easy to pump out blog posts today, the day after TestRetreat and the day before CAST 2013. Here are my first impressions: It’s easy to forget that people are interested in what we have … Continue reading

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New Testers and Awe of “Experts”

I have been doing a lot of interviews in the last year for permanent and consultant testers and one question I always ask is who they follow in blogs or who they have read to learn about and improve their … Continue reading

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How development debt becomes a Hydra

When we talk about “technical debt” it seems to convey the idea that you are creating an obligation to fix things later that will behave nicely and predictably, like an open balance on your credit card. You know what you … Continue reading

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Naked/Ironman CRC

Michael F. gave us a demo of what he calls “Naked CRC” or “Ironman CRC”. This is a technique that he uses to explain systems visually, using motion and spatial relationships. It’s a bit hard to explain completely textually, so … Continue reading

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